Ladle Transfer Cart For Heavy Industry large Load Capacity

Ladle Transfer Cart For Heavy Industry big Load CapacityBrand Name: Ruixing

Certification: CE,ISO9001

Model : KP-20-1

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set/sets

Packaging Details: Suitable for sea transport or as required by the customer

Capacity:Ladle Transfer Cart For Heavy Industry large Load Capacity



The description of  Ladle Transfer Cart For Heavy Industry large Load Capacity
Ladle Transfer Cart For Heavy Industry large Load Capacity is applied to transport steel ladle with electric flat car, due to the temperature of the molten steel, steel slag is too high, in order to avoid high temperature burn, customization of an electric flat car, ladle car for hand button to add remote control, in orbit, smooth operation, through the integration to avoid molten steel, hot metal spatter, running speed can be adjusted, the ladle car equipped with weighing device, can accurately make the weight of the ladle.

Ladle Transfer Cart For Heavy Industry big Load Capacity 2 Ladle Transfer Cart For Heavy Industry big Load Capacity 3

1. it is used to transmit hot ladles.
2. avoid high temperature
3. slowly moving
4. The carts can start and brake stably during transportation so as to prevent liquid spilling out of ladle.
5. As ladle transfer cart is used in special environment, and has high safety factor, any damage of ladle car parts will not affect the car’s normal transportation.

Production Supply Scope

This kind of transfer cart is applied in industry to transfer coils from production to warehouse. It is running on steel tracks or steel square bars. It is also applied in steel plant, aluminum factory, plastic pipes factory, etc to transfer cylinder materials from producing line to store.

  1. Our company is the professional manufacturers of electric transfer cart in Henan province , more experience, more exquisite technology. Can be customized according to different needs of users.
  2. The series of electric transfer cart produced by our company are new electric transfer cart. According to the principle of heavy crane adopts box bearing beam structure, which is better than the old transfer cart in rigid strength, greater local bearing capacity, higher safety factor, convenient for maintenance, beautiful appearance and other advantages.
  3. Our company’s products have one of the biggest advantages: high parts and components of the product interchangeability (in all parts of the country operating crane operating department can be purchased, to avoid the traditional product parts must be bought in the manufacturer), can be save a lot cost for the using company.
  1. The whole process of product design and manufacturing shall be ensured under the control of ISO9001 quality system standard.
  2. Our company provides free technical support and lifelong after-sales service for users.

Technique Parameter

Modle Load capacity (ton) Overall size ( L*W*H) Track inside distance(mm) Running speed(m/min) Running distance(m) Power(v) Recommended steel track
KPX-5-1   5 3500X2000X600    1435    0-25 unlimited DC24V P24
KPX-10-1   10 3500X2000X600    1435    0-25 unlimited DC24V P24
KPX-20-1   20 4000X2200X650    1435    0-25 unlimited DC24V P38
KPX-30-1   30 4500X2200X650    1435    0-25 unlimited DC48V P38
KPX-50-1   50 5000X2500X750    1435    0-25 unlimited DC48V P43
KPX-75-1   75 6000X2500X850    1435    0-25 unlimited DC48V  P50
KPX-100-1   100 6500X2800X900    1435    0-25 unlimited DC48V P50
KPX-150-1   150 8000X3000X1000    1800    0-15 unlimited DC48v P50
KPX-200-1   200 8000X3000X1100    1800    0-15 unlimited DC48V QU80
KPX-250-1   250 10000X3200X1200    2000    0-15 unlimited DC48v QU80
KPX-300-1   300 10000X3200X1200    2000    0-15 unlimited DC48v QU100
KPX-500-1   500 12000X3500X1500    2500    0-15 unlimited DC48V QU120