KP-20-1 cable reels transfer trolley

Brand Name: Ruixing

Certification: CE,ISO9001

Model : KP-20-1

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set/sets

Packaging Details: Suitable for sea transport or as required by the customer

Capacity:20 tons for transfer cart


The description of KP-20-1 cable reels transfer trolley  

KP-20-1 electric transfer cart, main for customers who from steel plant like to transport bulk billets, demand us to consider high temperature. For heat resistance protection, according to this, one way is putting a layer of refractory brick on the cart surface, the other is putting some sands on the cart. The latter cost is lower. So we made 500mm height plate around four sides on the cart table.

  1. coil weight they can put on the cart, coils stable in the transportation, coil cart table deformation.
  2. Coil quantity on one cart, we manufactured one to two coils holder on the cart according to coil dimension and placing position to meet the customer requirement.Unique box girder design structure make the table even force and avoid table deformation.
  3. Cable reel electric flat car, when the running distance exceeds 60 meters, it is necessary to add a cable arranging device on the cable reel to prevent the cable from being entangled. It adopts Y series metallurgical motor, suitable for frequent starting, widely used in metallurgy, coal, In the environment of electromechanical, heavy industry and light industry.

Production Supply Scope

Machining industry, automobile manufacturing, steel companies, smelting, casting, logistics, molds, engineering, tunnels, aviation, medical equipment, etc.

Advantages of KP-20-1

  1. Easy maintenance
  2. Frequency use
  3. Special function surface treatment
  4. Can be applied in several environments.
  5. Comparatively low cost
  6. Using any time
  7. No strict requirements for the railway’s construction.

Technique Parameter

 Modle Load capacity (ton) Overall size ( L*W*H) Track inside distance(mm) Running speed(m/min) Running distance(m) Power(v) Recommended steel track
KP-5-1   5 3500×2000×600   1435   0-25 10-200 380V P24
KP-10-1   10 3500×2000×600   1435   0-25 10-200 380V P24
KP-20-1   20 4000X2200X650   1435   0-25 10-200 380V P38
KP-30-1   30 4500×2200×650   1435   0-25 10-200 380V P38
KP-50-1   50 5000×2500×750   1435   0-25 10-200 380V P43
KP-75-1   75 6000×2500×850   1435   0-25 10-200 380V P50
KP-100-1   100 6500×2800×900   1435   0-25 10-200 380V P50
KP-150-1   150 8000×3000×1000   1800   0-15 10-200 380v P50
KP-200-1   200 8000×3000×1100   1800   0-15 10-200 380V QU80
KP-250-1   250 10000×3200×1200   2000   0-15 10-200 380V QU80
KP-300-1   300 10000×3200×1200   2000   0-15 10-200 380V QU100
KP-500-1   500 12000×3500×1500   2500   0-15 10-200 380V QU120