30 tons Low voltage transfer trolley

Brand Name: Ruixing

Certification: CE,ISO9001

Model : KPD-30-1

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set/sets

Packaging Details: Suitable for sea transport or as required by the customer

Capacity:30 tons Low voltage transfer trolley



The description of 30 tons Low voltage transfer trolley

KPD series low voltage track power electric transfer cart do not need towing cable, walking with the transfer cart rail as power feeder, by the supply of complete sets of step-down transformer after 380 v power reduced to 36 v, sent to the rail, and then with the car of conductive device reduces the piezoelectric sent to the rectifier device on the transfer cart 45 v to 36 v ac power to dc power supply, supply motor work. This series of electric transfer cart has the following advantages:

Safety: as the 36V low-voltage power supply is a safe voltage, it will not cause personal accidents.

Flexibility: with track power supply, the transfer cart can easily follow the track turning, so it can run in a straight line or in a ring. As long as the number of step-down transformers on the ground is appropriately increased, the operating length is not limited.

KPD Series Feature

  • Safe devices are installed(alarm light)
  • Customization can be supported
  • If large capacity, dual drive can be installed, and the largest capacity can reach to 300T
  • Steel Box Beam Structure About Body
  • Turning can be realized
  • Apply to various occasions
  • safety, flexibility, stable start, big starting torque, small capacity to the gear gearing
  • Low voltage, long life time
  • The running distance is not limited
  • when the running distance is more than 70m, it is better to increase the transformers to make up for the voltage which as been lowed.

Product parameter

 Modle Load capacity (ton) Overall size ( L*W*H) Track inside distance(mm) Running speed(m/min) Running distance(m) Power(v) Recommended steel track
KPD-5-1 5 3500×2000×600 1435 0-25    unlimited 380V/36V/380V P24
KPD-10-1   10 3500×2000×600    1435 0-25    unlimited 380v/36v/380v P24
KPD-20-1 20 4000×2200×650    1435 0-25    unlimited 380V/36V/380V P38
KPD-30-1 30 4500×2200×650    1435 0-25    unlimited 380V/36v/380v P38
KPD-50-1   50 5000×2500×750    1435 0-25    unlimited 380V/36v/380v P43
KPD-75-1   75 6000×2500×850    1435   0-25    unlimited 380v/36v/380v P50
KPD-100-1 100 6500×2800×900    1435 0-25    unlimited 380v/36v/380v P50
KPD-150-1 150 8000×3000×1000 1800 0-15    unlimited 380V/36v/380v P50
KPD-200-1 200 8000×3000×1100 1800 0-15    unlimited 380v/36v/380v QU80
KPD-250-1 250 10000×3200×1200 2000 0-15    unlimited 380v/36v/380v QU80
KPD-300-1 300 10000×3200×1200 2000 0-15    unlimited 380v/36v/380v QU100
KPD-500-1 500 12000×3500×1500 2500 0-15    unlimited 380v/36v/380v QU120